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are: Clovis I (466511) Childebert I (496558) Aregund (515/520580) Fredegund (third wife of Chilperic I (died 597) Dagobert I (603639) Clovis II (634657) Charles Martel (686741) Pepin the Short (714768) and his wife, Bertrada of Laon (born 710-727, died. When renovated, the Saint-Denis basilica included Suger's own words carved in the nave: "For bright is that which is brightly coupled with the bright/and bright is the noble edifice which is pervaded by the new light." 12 It is important to emphasise that Suger was. Center for the Study of Material Visual Cultures of Religion. His successor, who completed the western facade and upper stories of the narthex, before going on to build the new choir, displayed a more restrained approach to decorative effects, relying on a simple repertoire of motifs, which may have proved more suitable for the lighter. Dagobert granted many privileges to the monastery: independence from the bishop of Paris, the right to hold a market, and, most importantly, he was buried in Saint-Denis; a tradition which was followed by almost all his successors. Brynes, author of French Like Us? 11 Suger's fascination with light was not merely aesthetic. Pamela Blum, Early Gothic Saint-Denis: Restorations and Survivals, Berkeley, 1992 Fordham College Medieval Sourcebook, "Abbot Suger: ON what WAS done IN HIS administration", Chapter xxvii: Concerning the Cast and Gilded Doors.

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6 None of this work survives. Denis: Church and State se rencontrer dans le var sion in Early Twelfth-Century France, Addison Wesley Longman Limited, 1998 Stephen Gardner, "Two Campaigns in Suger's Western Block at Saint-Denis Art Bulletin, Vol.44, part 4, 1984,. The bodies of several Plantagenet monarchs of England were likewise removed from Fontevraud Abbey during the French Revolution. Inhabitants of Saint-Denis are called. The remains of Clovis I were exhumed from the despoiled Abbey of St Genevieve which he founded.

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