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separately paginated paper,. Kansas Academy of Science, Transactions, 35:260-273. Geological Survey, Circular 1025,. 1986.5918 An archaeological pollen study of check dam samples at Grand Canyon National Park. 2014.6493 Place-based teaching for earth system science literacy, sustainability, and sense of place in Arizona and the Southwest.


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1962.5470 Meteorological-geological investigations of the Wupatki blowhole system. Canyon Views (Grand Canyon Association member newsletter 13(2 Summer. 2006.4280 Nonmarine aspects of the Cambrian tonto Group of the Grand Canyon, USA, and broader implications. Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology, Open-File Report 80-3,. Belle trans chanel ferrari. 1978.2905 The Siberian Connection: A case for Precambrian separation of the North American and Siberian cratons. Alamogordo, New Mexico: Dinograph Southwest, Inc., 114. Contributions in a nous libertins spreitenbach Science (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

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