Infidele coeur de pirate hal

Deal?: THE more THE merrier (George Stevens) 1942 THE magnificent ambersons (Orson Welles) sullivan'S travels. Abrams MID-august lunch (Gianni Di Gregorio bronson (Nicolas Winding Refn about elly (Asghar Farhadi city OF life AND death (Lu Chuan fantastic. Van Dyke) ; A story OF floating weeds (Yasujiro Ozu) What's The Big Deal?: THE MAN WHO knew TOO much (Alfred Hitchcock) 1933 duck soup (Leo McCarey) hard TO handle (Mervyn Le Roy) THE bitter TEA OF general YEN (Frank Capra) footlight parade (Lloyd Bacon). (Vittorio de Sica) forbidden games (Ren é Clement) five fingers (Joseph. Mankiewicz) THE asphalt jungle (John Huston) THE gunfighter (Henry King) stars IN MY crown (Jacques Tourneur) rashomon (Akira Kurosawa) winchester '73 (Anthony Mann) where THE sidewalk ends (Otto Preminger) THE happiest days OF your life (Frank Launder) Honourable Mention (ranked wagonmaster (John Ford) ; story. Murnau, 1922) THE street (Karl Grune, 1923) THE oyster princess (Ernst Lubitsch, 1919) WHY worry? Brooks) What's The Big Deal?: another year (Mike Leigh certified copy (Abbas Kiarostami THE king'S speech (Tom Hooper) 2009 inglourious basterds (Quentin Tarantino) rapt (Lucas Belvaux) THE father OF MY children (Mia Hansen-Love) duplicity (Tony Gilroy) hadewijch (Bruno Dumont) everyone else (Maren Ade) antichrist (Lars. Mankiewicz) ; SHE worellow ribbon (John Ford) ; border incident (Anthony Mann) ; THE reckless moment (Max Ophuls) ; ON THE town (Gene Kelly Stanley Donen) ; salon mexico (Emilio Fernandez) ; orphee (Jean Cocteau) ; ALL THE king'S MEN (Robert Rossen) What's The Big. (Tim Burton) LES voleurs (André Téchiné) A summer'S tale (Eric Rohmer) Honourable Mention (ranked when WE were kings (Leon Gast when THE CAT'S away (Cedric Klapisch TIN CUP (Ron Shelton THE daig fell into THE well (Hong Sang-Soo A single girl (Benoit Ja"THE white balloon. Avildsen) ; THE last OF sheila (Herbert Ross) ; wedding IN blood (Claude Chabrol) ; coffy (Jack Hill) What's The Big Deal?: THE wicker MAN (Robin Hardy) 1972 cabaret (Bob Fosse) FAT city (John Huston) THE godfather (Francis Ford Coppola) THE heartbreak KID (Elaine May). Schaffner) fail-safe (Sidney Lumet) kiss ME, stupid (Billy Wilder) seance OET afternoon (Bryan Forbes) THE killers (Don Siegel) THE night OF THE iguana (John Huston) Honourable Mention (ranked black peter (Milos Forman) ; diary ohambermaid (Luis Bunuel) ; goldfinger (Guy Hamilton) ; before THE revolution. (Richard Lester) ; darling (John Schlesinger) ; operation crossbow (Michael Anderson) ; A thousand clowns (Fred Coe) ; faster, pussycat!

Film Studies: Infidele coeur de pirate hal

Pabst) Honourable Mention (ranked THE front page (Lewis Milestone) ; 1 plan cul rencontre adulte vichy A nous LA liberte (René Clair) ; platinum blonde (Frank Capra) ; other MEN'S women (William. (Youssef Chahine) ; piranha (Joe Dante) ; invasion OF THE body snatchers (Philip Kaufman) ; straight time (Ulu Grosbard) What's The Big Deal?: BIG wednesday (John Milius) ; THE chant OF jimmie blacksmith (Fred Schepisi) ; coming home (Hal Ashby) ; heaven CAN wait (Warren. (Carol Reed) rachel, rachel (Paul Newman) symbiopsychotaxiplasm: take ONE (William Greaves) THE producers (Mel Brooks) targets (Peter Bogdanovich) THE bofors GUN (Jack Gold) Honourable Mention (ranked rosemary'S baby (Roman Polanski) ; high school (Frederick Wiseman) ; petulia (Richard Lester) ; faces (John Cassavetes) ;. Chandor exhibition (Joanna Hogg young beautiful (Francois Ozon THE naked room (Nuria Ibanez the last 40 minutes of before midnight (Richard Linklater) What's The Big Deal?: american hustle (David. (James Whale) ; AN INN IN tokyo (Yasujiro Ozu) ; LES miserables (Richard Boleslawski) ; ruggles OF RED GAP (Leo McCarey) ; THE devil ioman (Josef von Sternberg) ; peter ibbetson (Henry Hathaway) 1934 IT happened ONE night (Frank Capra) THE GAY divorcee (Mark Sandrich). (Errol Morris) ALL about MY mother (Pedro Almodovar) eyes wide shut (Stanley Kubrick) THE blair witch project (Daniel Myrick / Eduardo Sanchez) south park: bigger, longer AND uncut (Trey Parker) leila (Dariush Mehrjui) being john malkovich (Spike Jonze) I stand alone (Gaspar Noé) LA maladie. (Ermanno Olmi) A CRY IN THE dark (Fred Schepisi) THE last temptation OF christ (Martin Scorsese) grave OF THE fireflies (Isao Takahata) talk radio (Oliver Stone) beetlejuice (Tim Burton) Honourable Mention (ranked bull durham (Ron Shelton) ; THE moderns (Alan Rudolph) ; A tale. Then again, just to complicate things, sometimes I am being perverse and idiosyncratic: well-known movies don't get an automatic berth on my list, nor am I exactly. (King Vidor) ; MAN hunt (Fritz Lang) ; THE great american broadcast (Archie Mayo) What's The Big Deal?: sergeant york (Howard Hawks) 1940 THE shop around THE corner (Ernst Lubitsch) HIS girl friday (Howard Hawks) THE bank dick (Edward Cline) THE grapes OF wrath (John. (Brian DePalma) ; THE molly maguires (Martin Ritt) ; what DO YOU SAY taked lady? Schoedsack) ; THE testament. Romero) ; SEX AND fury (Norifumi Suzuki) ; save THE tiger (John. (Sandrine Veysset) IN THE company OF MEN (Neil LaBute) Honourable Mention (ranked SIX O'clock news (Ross McElwee deconstructing harry (Woody Allen ON connait LA chanson (Alain Resnais EYE OF GOD (Tim Blake Nelson jackie brown (Quentin Tarantino face / OFF (John Woo donnie brasco (Mike. Wellman) LE million (René Clair) THE threepenny opera (G.W. This is why the lists below don't always agree with my ratings, and why something like austin powers makes the cut despite only scoring in the mid-60s. 2016, lA LA land (Damien Chazelle cameraperson (Kirsten Johnson). I did try to make year-by-year lists all the way back to Silent days, but I haven't seen enough of the really old stuff to make any meaningful listing. (Richard Linklater graduation (Cristian Mungiu RAW (Julia Ducournau) ; tower (Keith Maitland THE fits (Anna Rose Holmer I AM THE pretty thing that lives IN THE house (Oz Perkins hell OR high water (David Mackenzie heal THE living (Katell Quillevere THE RED turtle (Michael Dudok.

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